LCM: Christopher Raeburn SS15 Collection

By June 16, 2014Fashion News

Raeburn’s collection at LCM was undoubtedly inspired by industrial military aviation. As was the theme for the show itself, and the invited distributed for the show. Throughout the collection, elements of aviation utility wear were evident. The collection consisted of a lot of outwear – summer outerwear that is: light bombers, translucent fabrics, muted floral ensembles and parachute gear.

KIM_9160.450x675 KIM_9205.450x675 KIM_9188.450x675 KIM_9175.450x675KIM_9216.450x675 KIM_9263.450x675 KIM_9246.450x675 KIM_9232.450x675KIM_9273.450x675 KIM_9322.450x675 KIM_9306.450x675 KIM_9291.450x675KIM_9336.450x675 KIM_9375.450x675 KIM_9357.450x675 KIM_9347.450x675KIM_9388.450x675 KIM_9425.450x675 KIM_9411.450x675 KIM_9404.450x675KIM_9411.450x675 KIM_9455.450x675 KIM_9437.450x675 KIM_9425.450x675KIM_9469.450x675 KIM_9502.450x675Words: Abdullah Ali Jawad

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