Michal Mrzyglod AW14: ‘Call of Duty’

By August 23, 2014Fashion News

A look at the Polish designer’s new collection.


Designer Michal Mrzyglod shows off his eccentricities with his latest pieces. Featuring uniformly short trousers with dramatic, military-inspired outerwear, and simple bombers over long layering pieces, all in an aquatic colour palette. Be sure to check Mrzyglod’s site, as it will be available there soon.

Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy16 Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy12 Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy11 Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy4


Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy1 Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy3 Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy2 Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy5


Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy15 Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy14 Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy13 Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy10 Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy9


Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy8 Michal-Mrzyglod_fw14_fy7

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