Nike Tech Pack Fall 2014 Collection

By September 13, 2014Fashion News

The Windrunner gets an update.


Nike announce their Tech Pack Collection, which sees the reimagining of two classic Nike designs, namely the iconic Windrunner, which first appeared in 1978. This new version is engineered against the elements, featuring a ‘water-resistant iridescent woven overlay,’ which increases protection from wind and rain, and of course preserves the trademark chevron style of the original Windrunner. The pack also includes a Tech Hoodie, which features a chest pocket and foldaway hood. Available now directly from Nike.

Words: Nathan Sharp

Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_AW77_02 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_AW77_03 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_AW77_04 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_Windrunner_01

Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_Windrunner_03 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_Windrunner_04 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_Windrunner_05 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_Windrunner_06


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