Harvey Nichols Launches New Contemporary Menswear Designers

By October 10, 2014Fashion News

Harvey Nichols is bringing the cool factor back. 

VFiles Sport+ in Harvey Nichols

For all you fashion fanatic you love to infuse some individuality and express those creative prowess of yours, Harvey Nichols have now launched a shop floor at their Knightsbridge store where you can shop for all the coolest contemporary menswear designers in one space.

PAUSE was recently at the launch on Harvey Nichols’ new contemporary menswear floor which featured 22 cool designers and brands such as KTZ, VFILES, VFILES Sport Plus+, AQ/AQ, B Side by Wale, Pyer Moss, BEENTRILL, CMMN SWDN, Monica Monroe and so much more you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. This is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for some amazing contemporary designs and you’ll leave with something that will make you look fresh and cool with that added streetwear vibe. For the launch, Harvey Nichols brought in DJ Gianni Lee from Philadelphia, who was also the VFILES DJ Champion to spin at the party.  He made the crowd at the party groove to some of the coolest tunes from hip-hop and rap, and everyone seemed to be dancing and enjoying the music. It was indeed a fashionable, fun filled night packed with people who truly knew how to dress to impress.

Do check out the contemporary menswear designers floor at the Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge store now and be amazed at what they have to offer.

Customers at the MHRS Photobooth at Harvey Nichols Contemporary Menswear Launch Gianni Lee at Harvey Nichols Mens Contemporary Launch with VFiles Sport+ Customers viewing the new Harvey Nichols Contemporary  Menswear Collections Customers in the MHRS pop-up at Harvey Nichols Contemporary Menswear Launch
The Dickson Brothers & Gianni Lee at Harvey Nichols Mens Contemporary Launch with VFiles Sport+

Words by: Ievan Darwin 

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