Apple Watch To Release Spring 2015

By November 3, 2014Fashion News, Gadgets

Its about time Apple shared the gossip.

aplwatch42-sstl-rbrwht-pf_iphone6-svr-pf-print-970x646-cAfter Apple unveiled their newest gadget back in September, they have kept us hanging, waiting and wanting to know more. After being drip fed rumours over the past couple of months, we are happy to announce that Apple have planned the arrival of the iWatch to hit  stores in Spring 2015. The report came from 9to5Mac who had obtained a transcript of an internal Apple video statement from Angela Ahrendts, Apples Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores, addressing the company’s employees. The transcript revealed that we are likely so see the watch March 20th at the earliest. This is more than just a gadget, this is a statement of trend and style. It will most certainly be a must have for 2015.

Words: Laura Spalding

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