EJDER For Life Fall/Winter 2014 Editorial

By November 19, 2014Fashion News

EJDER houses some of the best contemporary menswear designers out there. 


If you are looking for something not only different in terms of menswear fashion, viagra but something avant-garde, rebellious, contemporary and most importantly pieces that will showcase your individuality, then EJDER is the UK-based menswear e-boutique you must check out and head over. You’ll find some of the most advanced contemporary designs that menswear can offer from cult designers to cool streetwear brands that have already made a mark in fashion.

EJDER has launched their new Fall/Winter 2014 editorial to showcase what they have to offer and we must say, it  trully does capture the rebellious spirit of streetwear. Using pieces from the list of  designers’ Fall/Winter collections that they carry such as Been Trill, Represent Clothing, Berthold, Rocked Garage, I Love Ugly, ASSK Paris and many more, expect oversized silhouettes, bold patterns and graphics. Every piece is dynamic and visually captivating while still staying true to the streetwear aesthetic.

EJDER_7_Screensize EJDER_6_Screensize EJDER_5_Screensize EJDER_3_Screensize

EJDER_1_Screensize EJDER_9_Screensize EJDER_10_Screensize EJDER_12_Screensize


EJDER_15_Screensize EJDER_17_Screensize EJDER_18_Screensize

EJDER_19_Screensize EJDER_20_Screensize EJDER_21_Screensize EJDER_22_Screensize

EJDER_24_Screensize EJDER_27_Screensize EJDER_28_Screensize EJDER_29_Screensize

EJDER_33_Screensize EJDER_34_Screensize

Words: Ievan Darwin

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