LCM: Christopher Shannon Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Plastic bags never looked this good.


Fun, quirky and experimental sportswear by Christopher Shannon was seen on the runway, closing the first day of London Collections: Men. With plastic bag motifs with a literal take on it, as models walked down the runway in what looks like plastic carrier bag headpieces, it sort of seemed that even trash can somehow be translated into fashion. There were sweatshirts and sweaters in playful and funny slogan that gave the show some comedic vibe. The collection also featured cinched puffer jackets, intarsia knits, oversized sweats and reconstructed tracksuits in an array of colour palette inspired by the bright sunshine during the summer and the gloomy greys we are experiencing now in London.

JPG_5573 JPG_5575 JPG_5586 JPG_5593

JPG_5607 JPG_5613 JPG_5626 JPG_5636


JPG_5649 JPG_5661 JPG_5673 JPG_5688 JPG_5700


JPG_5710 JPG_5716 JPG_5727 JPG_5738 JPG_5749


JPG_5760 JPG_5774 JPG_5789 JPG_5799 JPG_5814


JPG_5830 JPG_5843 JPG_5855 JPG_5866 JPG_5878


JPG_5888 JPG_5897

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