MFW: Bally Menswear Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Bally puts a hold on MFW revealing their eye-opening collection.

Simple menswear aesthetics with sharp extraordinary tailoring is what you will find in Bally’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. Making menswear look so beautiful,  Bally takes a strong focus into colour and present pieces which can be styled like you’ve never seen before. The collection features roll necks, ankle length trousers, leather, fur and wool coats as well as simplistic accessories to complete your day-to-day looks. Displaying colours from soft beige, navy blue and yellow, Bally holds that autumnal feel we all crave. This collection has to be one of our favourites yet, we will let the breathtaking images speak for itself. See the full collection below:

Bally_01_1366 Bally_04_1366 Bally_03_1366 Bally_02_1366
Bally_05_1366 Bally_08_1366 Bally_07_1366 Bally_06_1366
Bally_09_1366 Bally_12_1366 Bally_11_1366 Bally_10_1366

Bally_13_1366 Bally_16_1366 Bally_15_1366 Bally_14_1366

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