Benjamin Bertram’s Upcoming Collection ‘Change Is The New Constant’

By August 18, 2015Fashion News

Explore the collection taken from changes and evolution.

 photo BenjaminBertram40_zpsufpdpwin.jpg

London based menswear designer Benjamin Bertram is presenting his latest collection as a project focused on evolution and change concepts, titling it ‘Change Is The Only Constant’. The collection represents the designer’s redefined perspective after a period of transition, in which he experimented new areas of his menswear aesthetic.

Visually, ‘Change Is The Only Constant’ is inspired by The Film adaptation of the thriller novel The Night of the Hunter; 1955. The film pictures serial killer who uses his charms to woo an unsuspecting widow and her two children in an attempt to steal a fortune hidden by the woman’s dead husband.

In keeping the film characteristics, the collection consists of clean, modern and stylized pieces in block formation.

Later in the year a project featuring print arts works created by Berlin based multi-media artist Hedi Xandt is expected, with a further exploration of the current collections theme and inspiration.

See the full collection below:

 photo BenjaminBertram35_zpsiwbhq5ef.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram37_zpsxgcahhfo.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram39_zpsira0y7id.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram36_zpsumh6evl2.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram34_zpsbeikeleh.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram33_zpsydqzljao.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram31_zpstcqhleco.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram32_zpsbcrqnoiy.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram30_zpsoico6fgf.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram24_zpszmjwunwq.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram29_zpsxqo1vfp4.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram26_zpsme6qkwdt.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram28_zpseu8rk65v.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram25_zps8upmv8se.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram27_zpsxfm4y37p.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram23_zpsi7uw4s5j.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram22_zpsif0i8ghi.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram18_zpskiaetkmg.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram21_zpsdlmfcupm.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram20_zps2gecxt06.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram19_zpsnrmv0e8f.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram16_zpsa3x7igy7.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram17_zps43qw9n6r.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram15_zpstmbqzbcd.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram14_zpsg0qlyhv6.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram11_zpsctvw73wz.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram13_zpssd35uffz.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram12_zpsxldhkkoe.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram7_zpsuvumbcfj.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram8 copy_zps6twkk9yy.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram10_zpsioj6m1ko.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram9_zpss9ylhaoy.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram6_zpsj33hzx6m.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram5_zpscydu6o6d.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram4_zpsmid8eucq.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram3_zps5hszjfxy.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram1_zpsuoqcouc3.jpg
 photo BenjaminBertram2_zpsvijlbqkl.jpg

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