Pharrell Williams x G-Star: Raw for the Oceans

By August 17, 2015Fashion News

We have a connection with the ocean. It yields so much life, including our own. We owe it”.

With these words, American artist Pharrell Williams sums up the current situation we’re facing with oceans pollution. Williams, who’s also Bionic Yarn’s Creative Direction, teamed up with denim brand G-Star to start Raw for the Oceans, an eco-friendly collaboration. As the motto puts it: happy oceans, happy life.

Fashion labels and several artists have designed eco-friendly lines of clothing for many years now and the Raw for the Oceans collaboration goes more steps towards a conscious and purposeful apparel. By designing both the Occotis HDD Bomber – a unisex black hooded jacket- and the G-Star denim jeans fibres, coming from the recycled-plastic bottles of the ocean, the collaboration expects to start an effective mind-changing action.

But the Raw for the Oceans call-to-action campaign also thought about featuring statement sweats, bermuda shorts and even denim jackets in the collection – each of them patterned, innovative and creative.

Check the photos below:

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 photo tumblr_nooxsl4d9k1thflpzo1_r1_500_zpsa4akvzrq.gif
 photo tumblr_nooxng5Vb41thflpzo1_1280_zpsid7jg4ah.jpg
 photo tumblr_nooys4Y2OZ1thflpzo1_500_zpsw2c3qdc4.gif
 photo tumblr_noovqbPqwu1thflpzo1_540_zpsomd8rsjc.jpg

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