Product Review: Olverum Bath Oil

By February 5, 2016Grooming

The best of indulgent bathing bliss for over 85 years.

stv0563obo224 (1)For the best part of the last century Olverum have been elevating the bathing experience for fans of a soothing soak with their flagship bath oil made from natural essential oils extracted from carefully selected aromatic plants including lemon, lavender and exotic verbena help relieve tension,  lavender, juniper and rosemary stimulate the circulation, and pine and eucalyptus which helps to clear blocked sinuses, eases catarrh, bronchitis and asthma.

To say Olverum lives up to its promises would be an understatement – a 30-minute dip in the bath with this wonder product left me feeling revived, relaxed and set the foundation for one of the best nights sleep I’ve had this year. Also, as the oils soak into your skin as you bathe, I allowed myself to forgo the tedious post – bath moisturising process also which was an added bonus!

Only the smallest amount is needed per bath (a mere 5ml) so one bottle goes a long way! You can purchase from selected retailers, House of Fraser stores nationwide and online here.


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