PFW: Lanvin Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Spring/Summer 2017 is a season full of love for Lanvin.


“Lanvin is all about romance, ” menswear designer Lucas Ossendrijver confesses; he has literally inserted this love into the collection. We see metal arrow belts and necklaces which are also found knitted into sweaters, as well as love poems scribed around twisted waist bands, one reading “It doesn’t matter right or wrong,”.

The collection delivers an unstructured silhouette; an almost Romantic man. The clothes make a point of all being undone, untucked and untidy. Trench coats were slaved over as they were handmade, only to be purposely creased minutes before the show, reflecting the movement of the 19th-century man.

The S/S collection brings us colourful prints and laces with a patch or two. “I decided to be creative. There’s not much else I can do.” Ossendrijver admits as he puts his own aesthetic into the brand.

See the full Lanvin Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:
KIM_0814 KIM_0836 KIM_0850 KIM_0875 KIM_0895 KIM_0915 KIM_0937 KIM_0949 KIM_0965 KIM_0986 KIM_1006 KIM_1024 KIM_1040 KIM_1064 KIM_1085 KIM_1100 KIM_1115 KIM_1135 KIM_1151 KIM_1162 KIM_1181 KIM_1201 KIM_1217 KIM_1233 KIM_1249 KIM_1267 KIM_1285 KIM_1307 KIM_1325 KIM_1343 KIM_1357 KIM_1373 KIM_1387 KIM_1403 KIM_1427 KIM_1443 KIM_1459 KIM_1475 KIM_1493 KIM_1509 KIM_1525 KIM_1551 KIM_1567 KIM_1581 KIM_1603 KIM_1621 KIM_1633 KIM_1657 KIM_1675 KIM_1693 KIM_1717 KIM_1841

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