PFW: Walter Van Beirendonck Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Walter Van Beirendonck brings us a collection based on the famous childhood story, Alice In Wonderland.

_LUC0602“Why is a raven like a writing desk?” the Mad Hatter proposes. Van Beirendonck based his theme around what is known as the story’s unanswerable question. This collection plays on our eyes as much as the question plays on our minds. Van Beirendonk has showcased his skills for garment manipulation where we find pieces with holes cut out and ribbon streams hanging, in some cases creating abstract faces.

The patterns, colours and fastenings are nothing short of mad, but what the audience may miss are the dark undertones of the collection. Phrases such as ‘Brutal Beauty’ and ‘Reflection Through Destruction’, to name a couple, are found printd on the clothes.

See the full Walter Van Beirendonck Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:

_LUC0602 _LUC0613 _LUC0628 _LUC0642 _LUC0662 _LUC0676 _LUC0693 _LUC0709 _LUC0724 _LUC0738 _LUC0746 _LUC0764 _LUC0781 _LUC0797 _LUC0813 _LUC0829 _LUC0842 _LUC0862 _LUC0881 _LUC0899 _LUC0914 _LUC0932 _LUC0943 _LUC0957 _LUC0974 _LUC0992 _LUC1013 _LUC1034 _LUC1052 _LUC1069 _LUC1081 _LUC1098 _LUC1114 _LUC1135 _LUC1150 _LUC1165 _LUC1184 _LUC1202 _LUC1221 _LUC1236 _LUC1314

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