Gucci Unveils It’s Complete Fall 2016 Tokyo Campaign

Gucci Goes Tokyo.


When thinking about Tokyo, the same psychedelic colors and neons boards dance in our minds in chaos, covered by multiple sounds and energetic atmosphere. In the middle of the Japanese “street clamours”, “ringing and hammering”, “muffled beats” and other “buzzing sounds”, the Gucci’s Fall 2016 collection blends with harmony.

The video, directed by Glen Luchford follows the series of collaboration between the British lensman and Alessandro Michele. After filming the Gucci youth in Berlin for the previous campaign, the two work hand-in-hand for an edgy yet maximalist film. 

Check the photos below:

gucci-fall-2016-campaign-tokyo-2 gucci-fall-2016-campaign-tokyo-3gucci-fall-2016-campaign-tokyo-4 gucci-fall-2016-campaign-tokyo-5 gucci-fall-2016-campaign-tokyo-6gucci-fall-2016-campaign-tokyo-13 gucci-fall-2016-campaign-tokyo-14 gucci-fall-2016-campaign-tokyo-15gucci-fall-2016-campaign-tokyo-16 gucci-fall-2016-campaign-tokyo-17

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