NYFWM: John Elliott Spring/Summer Collection

John Elliott has his take on luxury for SS17.


Elliott based his line on the idea of  visualising the qualities of water, such as its reflection and shimmer. Supporting this concept were two long water pools running parallel down either side of the runway.

“Instead of very expensive luxury, this is actual functional luxury — it’s understandable but shows depth,” Elliott stated as he takes the idea of luxury into his hands.

The collection featured silk shirt jackets and reversible bombers, terry cloth shorts, t-shirts, jumpers and even towels. We are also given metallic looking cardigans, super-minimal water like prints and a lot of rips and raw hems. The collection reflects the aesthetics of water with the use of natural greens, blues and silvers.

See the full John Elliott Spring/Summer Collection which showcased at New York Fashion Week Men below:

 _AN_1725 _AN_1753 _AN_1784 _AN_1816 _AN_1850 _AN_1868 _AN_1903 _AN_1929 _AN_1949 _AN_1964 _AN_1987 _AN_2014 _AN_2037 _AN_2067 _AN_2090 _AN_2111 _AN_2131 _AN_2171 _AN_2195 _AN_2224 _AN_2248 _AN_2256 _AN_2278 _AN_2307 _AN_2338 _AN_2367 _AN_2389 _AN_2408 _AN_2429 _AN_2444 _AN_2475 _AN_2499 _AN_2511 _AN_2540 _AN_2561 _AN_2571 _AN_2607 _AN_2625 _AN_2646 _AN_2733

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