Spotted: Nick Young and Snoop Dogg In Gucci Footwear

Both Snoop and Nick Young were spotted donning Gucci on Instagram.


Caught on Instagram sharing their almost similar, Gucci-infested snaps – long time rapper Snoop Dogg was spotted wearing the Gucci Tian Slip-On Sneakers (pictured below), whilst NBA all-star Nick Young took the Gucci post trend one step further, showcasing his Gucci Men Princetown Floral Brocade Slippers alongside a pair of crisp white sneakers.

We at PAUSE aren’t too convinced with the fur-lined slipper given this 32 degree heat, but the Tian Slip-Ons make an excellent Gucci purchase for this summer. Shop them below:

Gucci Tian Slip-On Sneakers, £345 – Click here to buy

snoop2 snoop3 snoop4

Gucci Men Princetown Floral Brocade Slipper, £515 – Click here to buy

snoop8 snoop7 snoop6 snoop5


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