Ian Connor On Calvin Klein Collection Designed By Raf Simons

By February 13, 2017Fashion News

Ian Connor sits the panel for ShowStudio.

Ian Connor, Lou Stoppard, Harriet Quick, Gianluca Longo and Grace Woodward were all part of the latest live panel discussion hosted by SHOWStudio. These fashion experts talked about the first collection Raf Simons designed for Calvin Klein.

But who’s Ian Connor? He says he is Wiz Khalifa’s assistant, personal stylist and a creative director for A$AP Rocky. He also collaborated with brands like Wil Fry and Stussy. The self proclaimed ”King Of The Youth” had a lot to say about the Calvin Klein Womenswear Fall/ Winter 2017 collection. Let’s say that the young creative has a relatively unique point of view. If you’re interested in what he has got to say, you can watch the full video above.

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