Luke Meier Of OAMC + Jil Sander Says High Fashion Should Leave Skateboarding Alone

How High Fashion Should Leave Skateboarding Alone.

Luke Meier was recently interviewed by Slam Jam Socialism about streetwear, menswear and the conception of OAMC. Meier gave his insight onto all things fashion and when asked about streetwear (he previously held a position at Supreme) he stated:

“People get obsessive about labeling things, putting them into boxes. What’s funny to me is that this streetwear/fashion thing isn’t anything new – it’s been happening forever. The industry is now trying to confine everything to specific boxes or genres, and a lot of people just want to use these buzzwords to show they’re trendy. I think it’s the wrong way to approach it.”

On collaborations he stated:

“My perspective is that the point of doing collaborations is to create something that you couldn’t do otherwise on your own. That should be the same for both sides. When you talk about Nike and Undercover together, for example, that works well to me because it is something they couldn’t do separately. Collaborations are lame when they are just about coloring, labeling, or branding. That sucks, because there’s no point for those products to exist. It’s commercial, a quick money grab, but it’s not real, it doesn’t resonate.”

Contrasting to this:

“High fashion should leave skateboarding alone. Don’t do skateboarding!”

Head over to Slam Jam Socialism to read the interview in full.

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