LFWM: Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Charles Jeffrey goes New Romantic with ‘LOVERBOY’ S/S18 collection.

Charles Jeffrey releases S/S18 collection that is a throwback to the age of New Romanticism. The avant-garde collection is reminiscent of early Rei Kawakubo work with Comme Des Garcons. From the opening look the critics and buyers in attendance were treated to a trip down the rabbit hole; the models featured heavily on the work by make up and hair stylists throughout to create an almost pantomime feel to the show. The looks featured print work throughout with colour and shape being a key focus to the show. Jeffrey has previously commented on his interest in communicating and sculpting the human form and this ability is evident throughout his work this year. Structure is intrinsic to demonstrating what Jeffrey is promoting here; escapism. The ability to get away from reality and focus on the whimsical.

Charles Jeffrey is a designer who is not only technically capable of releasing a well designed collection but one that can also focus and comment on what he sees around him and this is what makes a designer special; the ability to be inspired and create from what is around him.

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