8 Essential Summer Grooming Tips for Men

By July 6, 2017Grooming, Hair

Beat the heat, stay fresh.

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Sweating, skin damage and out of control oiliness are just some of the issues that men across the country suffer from once the warmer months roll around. While, in Britain, you’re as likely to sit through a bout of torrential rainfall as you are a searing of summer sunshine; it’s no less important to be prepared when the fleeting rays (eventually) make their appearance.

#1: Choose Your Moisturiser Wisely

Regardless of skin tone, when looking for a summer moisturiser don’t settle for anything without some form of SPF to prevent sun damage. Alongside this, it’s worth getting familiar with common skincare ingredients that’ll help alleviate any problems you may have.

For summer, in particular, look out for silica which calms shininess, aloe vera which reduces irritation and salicylic acid for gentle exfoliation.

PAUSE Picks: Kiehls Ultra Light Daily Defence SPF 50, Anthony Oil Free Facial Lotion, Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer.

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#2: Look after Your Lips

Particularly important for those blessed with a voluminous set of smackers; pick up your product of choice and keep your lips maintained with a few daily applications. Better again, sophisticated options like Fillerina will keep your lips looking well while also adding a little volume – but you don’t need to tell anyone that.

PAUSE Picks: Anthony Lip Balm, Fillerina Lips, Nivea Lip Care Essential

mens summer lip care

#3: Select Styling Products Carefully

Commonly used hair styling products such as waxes, gels and creams will begin to melt when temperatures soar; now pair this with the inevitable sweat increase and you’ll find yourself with flat hair and a greasy face – not a good look. Instead, go for more stable options such as a clay based Hanz de Fuko Claymation for hold or lightweight Electric Hair P4 Prep Spray for a messy, yet manageable do’.


#4: Sun Protection

If you’re out in the heat, get some sun protection on, it’s as simple as that. Ranging from your easy to apply continual sprays like Coola’s, to your nourishing, sensitive skin suited Dead Sea Spa’s sunsafe spray – the days of your mum saturating you in oily lotions are over.

PAUSE Picks: Coola Spray SPF 50Dead Sea Spa Sunsafe SPF 50Dermalogica Protection SPF 50 Sport

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#5: Go Faux, Don’t Burn

A little bit of tan makes everyone look better, there’s no arguing there. Instead of adding years to your complexion by basking in the sun’s rays, opt for one of the numerous faux alternatives that won’t leave you with leather-ish skin in the next decade. Our favourite? Fake Bake’s daily option can be applied to the face and body daily like any moisturiser to give a gradual, natural looking lift.

PAUSE Picks: Fake Bake Sports Tan, Clinique for Men Face BronzerBondi Sands Gradual Tanning Foam

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#6: Treat Your Skin

While a daily moisturiser will keep your skin ticking over through the warmer months, counteracting any damage with something a little more intense is never a bad thing. Many products, like the below options, are designed to reverse sun damage, dryness and weather related problems with just a few weekly uses.

PAUSE Picks: Argentum Skincare Potion Infinie, What Skin Needs Balm, HealGel Intensive

#7: Exfoliate / Deep Clean Weekly

One of the most important parts of any skincare routine, exfoliation will help to remove any oil, grease or dirt buildup that inevitably comes with warmer, muggier days. You can mix up your method depending on preference, but some of our favourites (including the insta-famous black mask) and deep cleaning, sun protecting silver soap are great places to start.

PAUSE Picks: BLAQ, Cor Silver Soap, Magnitone Skin Brush

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#8: Sweat Prevention

There’s little that can be done in terms of sweat prevention, but simple measures like opting for natural fibres over synthetics, choosing loose fitted clothing and drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help. Alternatively, products like anhydrol forte for those with uncontrollable sweat or anti-chafing products from BTB grooming can make the dead heat that little bit more bearable. Other useful options such as Incognito crystal deodorant also offer insect repelling qualities – making it an ideal grooming addition for the summer holidays.

PAUSE Picks: Incognito Natural Crystal Deodorant, Below The Belt Grooming, Anhydrol Forte

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