Google Glass Returns

By July 18, 2017Fashion News

Google Glass is Back



Google Glass was first introduced in 2014 as an optical head-mounted display. The tech accessory did not pan out well when used and worn in public, however it has now proven to be useful for businesses. Although Google discontinued the eyewear back in 2015, it is still used to improve daily tasks by companies such as Tesla, General Electric, Boeing, AGCO, and DHL. AGCO reported the gadget to reduce production time by 25%, with DHL reporting it increased its chain efficiency by 15% and healthcare professionals claiming it decreased paperwork by over 20%.

Alphabet X has reinvented the eyewear and make it specifically for the previously mentioned companies and is it the new eyewear Glass Enterprise Edition. Constructed for comfort and durability the new design contains a larger display prism and a faster atom processor.

Although Alphabet Xis currently focusing more on businesses, it has not ruled out the eyewear being suitable for consumers and public use.


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