GOLF’s Autumn/Winter 2017 Lookbook is Here

The Golf lookbook is here, and we're so glad.

If you haven’t heard of GOLF, don’t worry, as you probably have heard of Tyler the Creator. However, if you haven’t heard of Tyler the Creator then yes, you should be worried! Tyler is a rapper, songwriter, actor, music producer, screenwriter, music video director and T.V. personality who is also the frontman for the fashion labels Odd Future and GOLF (also known as Golf Wang). What sets Tyler apart is his laid-back, yet enthusiastic-to-create attitude that is often portrayed in his interviews, songs and clothes.

So what does this mean for the collection? Well, within each GOLF collection Tyler finds a way to channel this unique way of thinking into his designs, bringing new experimental and unconventional colour pallets, materials and cuts to the table. That’s why the release of a GOLF lookbook should get you excited!

As for the collection, it features such a wide and unusual range of pieces, from fury hats to flower suits, that the easiest way to get across just how diverse the selection is, is to simply show you! Take a peek at the lookbook below and get ready for the release of the capsule on the 14th of October at noon ET or 9AM PT.

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