SPOTTED: DJ Khaled with a One of a Kind Gucci x Dapper Dan Tracksuit

Dapper Dan x Gucci x Terrell

Harlem’s Dapper Dan was a prominent figure throughout the eighties and nineties on the Harlem scene, the creative clothed rappers, boxers, drug dealers and just about anyone else who could afford his rates, in designs that bootlegged luxury fashion brands, earning him the title of the Hip Hop tailor of Harlem. Dan played off brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Fendi which as you can imagine they didn’t like, leading to Dapper Dan’s business being shut down by Fendi back in 1992.

However, things might be heading towards an all-time high for the creative, as back in September it was confirmed that he would be working with Gucci to produce a collaborative project that we are set to get a look at in Spring. Although, you won’t have to wait until then to see some of the duo’s work, as DJ Khaled’s stylist, Terrell, orchestrated two collaborative custom tracksuits between the creative and label that you can see being shown-off in Khaled’s Instagram video below.