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The fresh, high quality and sustainable backpack and accessory retailer that launched in 2014, pinqponq, has turned mass-urbanization on its head in order to find inspiration for their spring/summer 2018 collection. The label takes the urban character and sleek monochrome colour schemes from brutalist forms of postmodern architecture – such as “La Muralla Roja” by Ricardo Bofill – and wraps it within a variety of products for you to get your hands on. Furthermore, the label has played with the classic architectural techniques of using shapes, colors, and textures to produce the illusion of extra space, which, when added to the already effective and efficiently designed layout of their pieces gives an end result that screams truly stylish functionality.

Take a look at the official imagery of pinqponq’s collection below, then head over to their website – which you can do by clicking the following button – where you can pick up some of their past pieces, or get ready for the spring/summer 18 launch which is set for February 2018, any day now!

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