Nike’s “The 1 Reimagined” Collection is Now Available in Warming Colours

The shoes are available to be copped now.

Nike‘s “The 1 Reimagined” collection was always going to be an ambitious one as taking on two much loved silhouettes, the Air Jordan 1 and Air Force 1, and revamping them in a variety of manners is bound to bring forth those who are sceptical about anyone’s ability to do so. However, following the drop of the collection in its all-white colour scheme we saw that the fourteen female designers took the job on with competence, consequently leading the footwear company to release the same models but this time in an array of spring-ready colours.

Specifically in the drop we saw take place yesterday, Nike rolled out the pairs in the a variety of colours, those being; “Luminous Green,” “Violet Mist,” “Cinder Orange,” Geode Teal” and “Light Blue.”

If you are excited about the designs then click the following button to go get your hands on a pair or two.

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