Gucci in Trouble Over Card-Holding iPhone Cases

By July 11, 2018Fashion News

One for Diet Prada?

Gucci recently landed in some hot water, as Chicago’s Cardshark filed a lawsuit against the fashion house over their best selling iPhone 7 cases.

Cardshark claims that Gucci has “indirectly and indirectly infringed” on its patent by including card-holding slots on the back of their phone, which is a Cardshark design.

The patent, which is currently held by Cardshark loosely relates to protective wallets covering certain features on a wireless handheld device, and this includes an externally accessible pocket which an insertion and removal of cards or paper currency. This isn’t the first time Cardshark have taken legal action on this patent, they have previously won settlements from Michael Kors and other similar labels.

See the Gucci & Cardshark cases in question in the images below:

Gucci iphone 7 case

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