Skills You Need to Make It in The Fashion Industry as A Man

By June 28, 2020Guest Post

As a man, no matter if you are straight, gay, ethnic or not, its hard to get into the fashion industry. Now more than ever, it is become increasingly competitive and you have to make sure you have the skills to get your foot in the door. They say its 50% talent, 50% luck.

So if you are looking to make it in the fashion industry, here are some of the skills that are crucial to have:


Knowledge of English and French are pretty quintessential requirements to work in the fashion industry. In your free time, you can take online French courses on language learning apps like Babbel for example, and accelerate your language learning to make yourself a more attractive candidate on the job market. Whether working with colleagues, brands, designers, or others in the industry, English and French are two languages that you will hear often and you will want to be able to communicate no matter what. Even once you are speaking fluently, resort back to apps to maintain and keep up with proper grammar, etc.

Be Yourself

Individualism is reckoned with and there’s only one you – so it is critical to remember that and leverage that as you make your mark in the industry. The fashion industry is such a creative one, and what you bring to the table is different than the person next to you, so hone in on what makes you unique. Sharpen those unique skills and be yourself as you communicate with others in the industry. It takes time to build a reputation in the industry, but be confident in who you are and what you bring to the table and this will help you exponentially.

Visualization and research skills

It’s one thing to have a vision, but it’s another to be able to bring that vision into reality. Visualization skills will help you be able get the creativity and flow going, as well as grasp the reality of what you are trying to bring to life. For example, you want to be able to plan garments for fashion events and have an idea of what goes and how it is supposed to go together. It also helps you to be able to visualize potential problems that may arise as well as what to do about them if they do.

Even if you do not want to work in the design portion of the fashion industry, having an eye for aesthetics and what is visually appealing is important! You never know what you could end up helping with.

Research skills are also essential so you can learn what is up and coming as well as what fabric, print, buying/selling approach, etc. is the best to use in what situation.

Thick skin

Constructive and not-so-constructive criticism is a natural part in the industry, and you have to have thick skin to make it in this industry. It can be humbling and tough to hear ‘no’, but it is crucial you bounce back from it and keep moving forward.

Be able to work well with different people

Like any industry, it is critical to be able to work well with different people. From personality, to culture, to position and level, you have to be able to work with people from all walks of life and others who are also showing up as their authentic selves. Hone in on your communication and listening skills particularly, as this will help you make connections in the industry and make you a trusted colleague.

These are a few skills needed to work in fashion, and if you check off a few boxes on this list you will be good to go!

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