Take Advantage of the Pandemic to Revise Your Style

By February 16, 2021Guest Post

Fashion and clothes have always been an integral part of our lives. More often than not, our closet is like a mirror that perfectly reflects who we are. But now, in the days of the pandemic, this clothing routine that gives us special control over our lives is clearly destabilized. Agree, no one dresses up to read a book, or watch a movie, or get a casino welcome bonus in Ireland.

Maybe we should change that.

Becoming Aware

Everyone’s fashion habits have been radically altered by the arrival of COVID-19. According to Kate Birnie, a second-year student in the Fashion Design program, the motivation to prepare in the morning is not present in the majority of the population, so clothing choices no longer seem to be important. “In general, fashion has become more oriented towards casual clothing because people no longer dress for others,” she says.

From matching tracksuits to joggers to hooded sweatshirts, we’ve seen a culture of comfort clothing being shaped. At the beginning of the pandemic, we all were guilty of this stripped-down wardrobe. Our leggings and pajamas became a must-have, even though we had never worn them during the day before.

Dress to Stay Motivated

In this world of uncertainty, we had to change our habits. We knew we had to make more effort because dressing well is a way to take care of yourself. According to Professor Carolyn Mair, in her book The Psychology of Fashion, there is strong psychological evidence to suggest that we need to maintain this part of our daily routine to give our days more structure.

It would therefore be imperative to maintain some consistency in the midst of a pandemic when we are all confused. This observation is also shared by Birnie, who explains that it is important for her to put on a nice outfit to feel more confident and thus brighten up her day.

Re-exploring Clothing

The pandemic has also allowed us to reinvent our style. We’ve adopted the casual and utilitarian side of myself, and we’ve set new rules to reconcile style and comfort. If you are looking to develop a new way of dressing, here are our best tips.

Drop the sweatpants and opt for comfortable pants. For example, you live in baggy jeans and baggy men’s pants. Both are very comfortable to wear but don’t sacrifice professionalism. Secondly, please don’t be afraid of color! Try to incorporate a solid color into your everyday outfit. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but I always feel that they sincerely improve my mood, which is what we all need these days. We’ve also exchanged our blazers for cardigans or tight blouses, very practical pieces that always look stylish. Accessories are also important to consider; choose your jewelry, belts, and socks carefully, as they easily complement and enhance any combination of clothing.

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One last piece of advice, on days when you feel lazier, you opt for a “half-assembled outfit”. That is to say, you wear either a chic pair of pants or a neat blouse, with a more casual item such as lounge pants or a graphic sweater. By respecting this dress principle, you can be dressed well enough to know that you won’t be lying on a couch all day, but you are still comfortable.

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