5 Modern Shows That Have Brought Back Vintage Styles

By April 30, 2023Guest Post

As it stands, eclectic taste gets the true meaning of vintage and even without the bling of the modern design; vintage glamour outshines the old-world charm. High fashion though lovely, the vintage has a class of its own. This is also true for shows of today, modern shows with a vintage vibe. It also makes the show a great watch, as we all know the success of Stranger Things. Many more shows like it compel the audience to watch them, especially due to their old-world charm. 

We all want a good show, but depending on your taste and if you’re into vintage shows then you need to watch these asap –if you haven’t. Get an always-on internet connection and get into it right away. We recommend taking a look at the RCN Bundles, that offer multiple plans that will suit your needs. Once that’s sorted, you can watch the shows we compiled with ease. We do know for sure they will keep you hooked if you are an avid lover of vintage like us.

Check these shows out and enjoy the vibe they offer with amazing storylines and captivating characters to lose yourself. 

Peaky Blinders 

Aired From: (2013 – 2022) 

The show set in 1919 has a very mellow, clean-cut style of a newsboy, suits, caps, waistcoats, and buzz-cut hairstyles. The show has a powerful presence and a great storyline. The set is from 1919 after WW1 in England leading to WW2, portrayed in a very smooth way. 

Vintage styles are incorporated everywhere in the show, from clothing to ambiance and mystery in the old ways with horses, dusty roads, street lamps, and carriages. The characters adorned ever since for bringing back the aesthetic of old-school style.


Aired From: (2020 – Present) 

This show takes you back in time to the 1813s with the historical epoch of the Regency era. It follows a powerful family, where the siblings try to find love and struggles for it. The outfits are not something you would wear at this time but are certainly regal fashion outfits with high-class fashion and jewels to give them a spark. 

While, the show is based around old houses from the era, big castles, and some beautiful interiors to give it the right attraction for the audience to immerse themselves in.  There are bright, neutral, and amazing color schemes with also amazing accessories to hold the show together.


Aired From: (2010 – 2017) 

The show is set in the 1985s time. It goes about with a man named Sherlock, who is a detective, and Watson a doctor that ends up living together and investigating murder cases of extreme mystery together. Sherlock is names known by many for being an excellent detective and having a curious mind for things in the world. With a moody fashion to match, the event is dark. 

However, Sherlock carries them in style with long overcoats and three piece suiting to make his persona stand out even more. The show brings back the style of trench coats and hats, while other elements like cigars and the matching ambiance of streetlights and neutral colors on the street while other fashion statements are made too.

Stranger Things

Aired From: (2016 – Present) 

The show is set to make an impact on the lives of its audience. It follows a group of kids fighting about mysterious creatures invading their town. The show is set in the 80s with an amazing 80s-styled set of towns, houses, furnishings, fashion, food, and cars. 

The show has also worked to bring about old-school fashion such as mullets. With that, pop, bright colors, and Aztec designs are also on the run now and who can forget flared jeans and check prints. Besides fashion, the elements of the past bring the people closer to the show and involve them deeply in the storyline.


Aired From: (2015 – 2017) 

This show is set in the late 1970s in Columbia following Pablo Escobar’s ascending role in the cocaine business and the unfolded events that went on. The style of the show is laid-back and relaxed in Columbia. With many contrasting designs in clothing and the set style. From colorful patterned shirts and trousers, with some eye-catching Gucci shirts. The love for hot wild summer days and beach escapades is all in. 

The main comeback was with Mustaches after so many ostracized eyes on it. Nevertheless, the most stylish is the use of black suits and the show of power through clothing and dominance.

Wrapping Up

This was all about the best modern shows that have brought back the vintage styles that bring up some of the old-world charms that take us back in time. 

With many styles that have come about into the world now, such as mullets and keeping mustaches, making these vintage shows a style statement in the present. It is amazing to find such designs mixed with modern interiors and architecture. Make sure to read the reviews of these shows. Hopefully, you will like them.

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