SPOTTED: Bloody Osiris Hits New Heights Wearing MISÈRE MODERNE, ERL, Raf Simons & more

Nice for Some.

Iconic New York-born fashionista Bloody Osiris truly hit new heights over the weekend as he announced that he made a million off of his latest Murd333r.FM hoodie drop, taking to Instagram to celebrate in typical Osiris fashion.

Doing what he does best, the Harlem-native posted up in Tokyo, Japan wearing a host of standout high-fashion heat. From top to bottom, the multifaceted creative opted for a heavily distressed “FRANCE LET EM RIOT” Moto Riding Hoodie from independent brand MISÈRE MODERNE, pairing it up with a matching pair of blue Baha Rally Leather Pants, also from MISÈRE MODERNE. Moving on, Osiris also donned a brown leather ERL belt, a pair of classic Timberland 6-Inch Boots, as well as an archive Raf Simons jacket.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the links below to pick up a MISÈRE MODERNE Moto Riding Hoodie and an ERL belt now.


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