Balenciaga Gets Personal with its ‘Le City Bag’ Campaign

By January 23, 2024Fashion News

Taking a Peek Into the Closet.

Balenciaga has launched its closet campaign, photographing celebrities in the spaces where they exert the most creative freedom: their own closets.

The newly announced ambassador for the brand, Kim Kardashian, is seen in her own closet surrounded by 129 luxury handbags. Actresses Roh Yoon Seo and Nicola Peltz join model Paloma Elsesser and stylist Patricia Field in a staged, museum-like room. Each set was designed to exhibit what each personality covets in their own wardrobe. 

This campaign was released to celebrate ‘Le City Bag’. Launched in 2000, ‘Le City Bag’ has grown to become one of the label’s most iconic and recognisable handbags. Although its grown into its venerated status, it initially wasn’t the case. Released in the same time period as the Louis Vuitton Speedy and Fendi Baguette, the bag’s floppy design was believed to not appeal to luxury handbag consumers from the era.

However, once the bag ended up on Kate Moss, the entire story shifted. Now, Balenciaga passes the bag from one fashion icon to another, showcasing the longevity and utility of ‘Le City Bag’.

Check out the campaign below. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Balenciaga

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