Editors Picks: 4 Dapper Styles For December

Okay guys, November is coming to an end and we hope you all are feeling well-groomed after the delights of Movember. December is ready to go, and before you enter the last month of non-stop partying, drinking and food. Make sure you’re prepared to start it with strong, selective, ready-to-wear styles.

The December period is a time for parties – festive work do’s, Christmas blow-outs, New Year’s Eve and many more. The one question you’ll ask yourself the day before is “What the hell am I wearing?!” But don’t panic. We at PAUSE have prepared four wearable outfits that you can switch around for December; along with a drink to compliment your look. From Lagavulin classic whisky to cool, crisp Tanqueray gin, PAUSE in collaboration with drinks specialists Alexander & James have found the perfect fashion/drink pairings to get you through the festive period.

Remember, less is MORE.

Look 1:

Get your look: 1: Blazer  –  2: Shoes  –  3: Hat  –  4: Trousers  –  5: Bow Tie  6: Shirt
Get your drink: Grand Marier Cordon Rouge Liqueur

Look 2:
Get your look: 1: Blazer  –  2: Shoes  –  3: Watch  –  4: Trousers  –  5: Bag  –  6: T-shirt
Get your drink: Ciroc Vodka

Look 3:
Get your look: 1: Blazer & Trousers  –  2: Shirt  –  3: Shoes  –  4: Bow Tie  –  5: Cufflinks
Get your drink: Tanqueray London Dry Gin

Look 4:

Get your look: 1: Blazer  –  2: Shoes  –  3: Gloves  –  4: Trousers  –  5: Bag  –  6: Turtle Neck
Get your drink: Irish Whiskey

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Words & Styling by Johnson Gold

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