LCM Exclusive: Blood Brother SS17

Blood Brother gives PAUSE hints on what we all can expect from their Spring/Summer 2017 collection ahead their showcase at London Collections: Men. We at PAUSE did a quick Q&A with Blood Brother to find out what is to be revealed soon at LCM.


Blood Brother AW16

What can we all expect from Blood Brother for Spring/Summer 2017?

We can’t wait to show people the new collection; it has been carefully designed to show of the DNA of Blood Brother with a fun summer twist on our theme “homesick”.

What has been the main source of inspiration for SS17?

We have taken inspiration from writing home on a postcard, rushing to a sun trap in the city, or making the most of a long weekend camping in good old ‘blighty’, so naturally there are plenty of pieces with weather proofing as a focus, along with nostalgic graphics and some deckchair inspired stripes.

What is your favourite piece from the SS17 collection?

Without doubt it is the oversized re-constructed trench coat.

What can we expect in terms of footwear? Will there be some new styles coming in?

We have exciting new fabrications, effects and colourways on our current styles.

What made you guys decide to begin your first LCM presentation/showcase?

We feel that it was the right time to make the progression as a brand, it will show our collection in a significantly different light and we are hoping that it is well received.

What can we expect from the Blood Brother LCM showcase? Is there a specific theme?

We are aiming to show that we can execute a unique Blood Brother presentation, which is focused on the clothes, as well as making it a memorable event, we are really happy with the product we have received back so far and I think with the venue we have chosen will compliment the theme.

Will you guys ever consider to do your own runway show? If you had to pick a city, where would it be?

Right now we are really enjoying the process of the presentation and although we wouldn’t rule out a runway show, for the minute we are extremely happy with what we are going to be putting out on Monday.


Blood Brother AW16


Blood Brother AW16

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Blood Brother AW16


Blood Brother AW16


Blood Brother AW16


Blood Brother AW16

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