PFW: Études Studio Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Every Parisian cool kid is now familiar with Études Studio, the well-known fashion collective, publishing house and creative services provider settled rue Debelleyme, in the middle of Le Marais’ trendy area. For their Spring/Summer 2017 Paris Fashion Week edition, Études Studio presented a series of signature looks to keep an eye on next season.

Silhouettes were loose, only tightened by buckle belts or woven waistbands in an experimental ambiance. A navy blue, brown, yellow and white palette ruled the presentation, while caps and hoodies covered the Études Studio models. For the Spring/Summer 2017 season, roll up your classic white shirt’ sleeves, leave the jackets and outerwear open and widen capes in order to cover your whole silhouette. And what a silhouette to wear, to be part of the Parisian cool kids…

See the full Études Studio Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:


look1 look2 look3 look4 look6 look7 look8 look9 look11 look12 look13 look14 look15 look16 look17 look18 look19 look20 look21 look22 look23 look24 look25 look26 look27 look28 look29 look30

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