LFWM: Phoebe English MAN Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

[House] Work-Wear.


Phoebe English’s second A/W menswear collection is an exploration of fabric and fit. Textures ruled the roster with generally muted shades contrasting the subtleties of natural fibres and clean lines. Juxtaposition of velvets, waxed cottons, and corduroys is enhanced through the tonality of the collection, where dark tones in total looks express the differentiation of textures. The refined collection was inspired by men the designer works with, knows and lives with and displays a distinct wearability, with each piece sliding seamlessly into the wardrobe of the modern man.

The tidied utility style’s composition of tunics, loosely fitted layers and refined fastenings demonstrates the continuity of Japanese workwear’s influence and its translation into international global style.

The ticker striped shirts with long, clean lines and the reversible, rope handled bags stand out along with the rich charcoal cord layered look. The presentation’s setting with the model’s conducting the banal household chores of hanging laundry and hoovering was a lighthearted and effective expression of the collection’s functionality that also provided a reinforcement of the fabric focus through the backdrop of expansive white cotton.

View the full collection below:










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