Christiano Ronaldo New Nike Campaign Controversy

By June 6, 2017Fashion News

Nike’s advertisement which dropped over the weekend has more to it than you think.

Nike Ad

Late last year, the sports giant Nike announced its lifetime sponsorship deal with football star Christiano Ronaldo, which was valued at as much as $1 billion. Ronaldo’s initial partnership with the brand, however, first launched in 2003 and is a deal which he described in a recent interview as “the best contract that he had in his whole career.”

The recent ad campaign, which was released via Instagram over the weekend, which showed a young Ronaldo wearing a charcoal sports sweater caused some controversy with fans who realised that the top in the photograph is, in fact, not Nike, but Adidas.

It is apparent that the original image had been cropped by Nike to hide the iconic logo of their fiercest competitor in a failed attempt to mislead customers. In its place, they juxtaposed the slogan ‘This Boy New’ underlined by their famous swoosh.


As of yet, neither of the sports brands have commented on the bizarre campaign. We’re just impressed by the detailed knowledge shown by the social media following which allowing them to expose the ad. What do you think, is it wrong for Nike to mislead customers or is this a normal part of modern advertising?

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