LFWM: E. Tautz Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Patrick Grant asks for a “Quiet Life”. 

In the middle of a hectic weekend of London Fashion Week Men’s, E. Tautz allegedly found the answer to our restlessness. And it’s as simple as the title of the menswear brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection: “Quiet Life”. Although the last past weeks – months and years – have definitely been loaded with political turmoil and social tension, we at PAUSE couldn’t help but wonder how creative director Patrick Grant was about to help.

Through a chapter of oversize tailoring, Grant unveiled blouson jackets with asymmetrical zips, a classic raincoat with striking epaulettes and suits comprising extra large single-breasted jackets and shorts. Close-up, this E. Tautz Spring/Summer 2018 collection kept the signature accessories, from square framed optical glasses to thin grey or navy ties. Is this what we need? A wardrobe filled with classic, yet staple items to dress up with pairs of white crisp Christian Louboutin shoes? If that is the definition of a quiet life, then E. Tautz can lead the way. We have no choice but follow.

See the full E. Tautz Spring/Summer 2018 Collection which showcased at London Fashion Week Men’s below:

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