Raf Simons Reveals His Pink Ribbon Just in Time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By September 16, 2018Fashion News


The Belgium-based organization, Pink Ribbon, has teamed up with a fellow Belgian just in time for October, the Breast Cancer Awareness month, in order to introduce a new pink ribbon, and this individual just so happens to be the iconic designer that is Raf Simons.

Specifically, Raf created and then revealed a brand new ribbon for the foundation that will have a large percentage of its sale profits donated to improving the life of those who are affected by the disease. These people being “HEROES” in Simons’ eyes as they are strong enough to courageously fight against breast cancer.

Take a look at the ribbon below as well as Raf wearing it, if you can spare the money then please do find out more about the foundation and what you can do for it by clicking the following button.


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