PAUSE TO DO: Gunpowder Bonfire Night

By November 5, 2019Lifestyle

It’s aim is to pack a punch with an explosion

of flavour in time for bonfire night.

Gunpower Gin by Brewdog Distilling Co,

contains smoky flavours of szechuan and

black peppercorns. Also bitter orange and star anaise.


Launching nationwide on 5th November, (remember remember)

at 47 Brewdog Pubs and online. Enjoy a smoky G&T or a cocktail.


The hero drink is a Gunpower Martinez.

Combining 50ml Gunpower Gin ,

15ml Sweet Vermouth, 10ml Orange Curacoa,

a dash of Orange Bitters and garnished with a flamed oprange peel.


RRP: £25



Check out these sites for which parks have displays on which dates.


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