SSENSE Spotlights LVMH Prize Nominee Kenneth Ize

By February 27, 2020Fashion News

From Africa to the World.

Speaking to Antwaun Sargent for SSENSE, 29-year-old LVMH Prize Nominee Kenneth Ize discussed a range of topics from his home in Nigeria to his first fashion memories, future and more.

His earliest fashion memory:

“My mom had a close relationship with her friends and they were very fashionable and had an interest in dressing up and going out to parties. They would make me sit on the bed to watch them get dressed. My mom would come close to me and touch my face with a little makeup. It gave me a feeling that people could dress up and it could transform them and that’s what got me into fashion. What drives me now is passing down our story through fashion”

His message to the world:

“I want people to understand it’s possible in Africa. You can find high luxury, made here by the people, that is very innovative”

Check out the interview in full here.


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