Fast-acting Cannabis Consumption Methods

By December 1, 2021Guest Post

Cannabis is a hot topic in society and the most common method of consuming is via smoking. There are many other options available, smoking is just the quickest and easiest method that delivers immediate effects with the downside being that it is not appropriate for public spaces and especially around children. Another popular consumption method is edibles in the form of sweets or even drinks. You can also consume tinctures that you put under your tongue or simply apply topicals that work well for localized pain relief on joints and muscles without a high. Finally, you can try vaping which uses heated air that releases THC into an aerosol mist that you inhale. This is considered a healthier alternative to smoking because there is no combustion. Each method has a different onset and if you want to know more, keep reading.


Tinctures are popular in the medical marijuana space. This product is made from dry marijuana herbs that have been dissolved in alcohol to form a liquid that gets consumed sublingually. It comes in a small tinted bottle with a dropper attached to the lid which is used to help you administer your dosage. You get THC and CBD tinctures, both offering a different experience with different effects (THC makes you high while CBD does not). To consume, simply fill the dropper with the liquid, put 3-4 drops underneath your tongue and let it rest for 1 minute before swallowing. The onset is around 15-45 minutes with the effects lasting a total duration of 2-3 hours. There are other methods of consumption that have a shorter onset; however, tinctures are a very convenient, discreet, and portable method of consumption.


Smoking is the most common and popular method of consuming cannabis and is done using a joint, or a bong, which is the most common method since there are many affordable bongs out there, especially online at sites such as DankStop. Joints are dry marijuana herbs that have been crushed and hand-rolled in rolling paper. To consume with a joint, simply light the end of it while it is in your mouth and start inhaling until you achieve an even burn. The onset is a few minutes with a duration lasting upward of 2 hours long. This method is most common because of the quick onset however, this method is the unhealthiest.


Edibles are very popular in the cannabis community and have been for a very long time. They come in many forms including food, baked goods, and drinks. In fact, the market has even expanded to include alcoholic beverages now. When you consume edibles, it gets processed in your digestive system and liver which takes roughly 60minutes-2 hours for the effects to kick in. However, if you apply patience, you will be rewarded with effects lasting upward of 12 hours. Compared to other consumption methods, edibles take the trophy for having the longest lasting effects as well as the most intense and potent effects that you will experience when consuming marijuana.


Vaping is an inhalation method of consumption that is also very popular in the cannabis community. It involves a device called a vaporizer which is a battery-powered device with a mouthpiece and a chamber to hold a small amount of dry herb. Dry herb vaporizers do not burn the herb, instead, it heats the herb at a temperature of your choice with each temperature producing different effects. Lower temperatures produce more flavor while higher temperatures produce more bodily effects. The onset time is 2-10 minutes with effects lasting upward of 3 hours. This method provides a very quick onset with many other benefits such as portability and convenience.

Dab rigs

Dad rigs are water filtration devices that look similar to a bong in appearance with the expectation being that it is made from stronger material and comes with a nail. Dab rigs use wax not dry herbs and to use this device, you need to fill it with some water, heat the nail with a flame until it is extremely hot, add a bit of wax to the bowl, heat the wax with the heated nail and inhale the vapor. The onset is just a few minutes with the total duration of the effects lasting 1-3 hours. The onset time is quick compared to other methods and the effects are more intense as well.

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