PAUSE or Skip: Gucci Pineapple Check Nylon Jacket

By February 25, 2022PAUSE or Skip

Available now.

This piece from the Gucci 100 Collection takes its design from the 22,705 songs in which music platform Musixmatch detected the word ‘Gucci’. Featured on the back of this piece, this statistic rings true to the label’s ever-lasting popularity.

Coming in a blue and white check pattern, this piece gives off fruit at a picnic vibes as its vibrant orange, yellow, and green trimmings contrast against the central colour scheme. The jacket also comes with a zip finish, a hidden blue hood, as well as subtle front pockets. A slightly longline fit and white pull strings along the hem complete the finer details, with this piece certainly being the centre point of any fit.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to pick one up online.



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