SPOTTED: Kendrick Lamar Hits Kigali & Puts Forward his ‘Best-Dressed’ Case Wearing Wales Bonner & Custom K’tsobe

King Kenny.

Coming through with yet another awe-inspiring ensemble, Kendrick Lamar made his imitable mark once again as the Compton-born star headed to the first-ever Move Afrika: Rwanda 2023 event.

Looking to bring more music to Africa and celebrate the art form as a whole, Move Afrika: Rwanda 2023 enlisted the one-and-only Kendrick Lamar to kick off the grand event, with the ‘ELEMENT’ star opting for another luxury ensemble. Coming suited and booted, King Kenny was snapped rocking a black Wales Bonner André Blazer and matching suit trousers, with the former adorned with button hardware and cowrie shell details. Keeping it cool in a pair of sunglasses, Kendrick finished off the look with a pair of black derby shoes and a black custom-designed metallic hardware PgLang fitted cap put together by Rwandan jewellery outfit, K’tsobe.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to pick up a Wales Bonner André Blazer now.


PHOTO CREDIT: Andrew Esiebo/Getty Images for Global Citizen (1 & 2) // @jojoruski (3 &4) (via Instagram)

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