PATH Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

By September 19, 2014Fashion News

PATH releases a futuristic collection.


The PATH A/W14 collection is what you’d expect an Astrid Andersen x Alexander Wang collaboration to look like. The Andersen elements lie in the sunset orange tones and crystalline blue hues; whilst Wang emanates from the rigid, forward-thinking structures. The pieces are still inherently PATH in their construction. Designer Janine Grosche always seems to draw influence from her surroundings: working in Beijing, the garments reference Chinese Warrior armour- incorporating broad shoulders and long hemlines.

Entitled ‘Futuristic / / Now-istic;’ the collection takes contemporary menswear to an elevated, avant-garde level. Ankle-baring wide leg trousers instantly amp up typical male silhouettes. Graphic mountainous ranges and sky prints create an edgy aesthetic, whilst all-black pieces are fiercely masculine. It is collection that transcends beyond menswear staples: reinvigorating looks to propel wearers in to the future of design.

path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-01 path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-04 path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-03 path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-02
path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-05 path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-08 path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-07 path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-06
path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-08 path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-09 path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-11 path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-12
path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-13 path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-15 path-fallwinter-2014-futuristic-now-istic-lookbook-14

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