MFW: Costume National Homme Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

See the full Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection for Costume National Homme which showcased at Milan Fashion Week.

KIM_0029 KIM_0012KIM_0050 KIM_0066KIM_0082 KIM_0101KIM_0118 KIM_0147KIM_0168 KIM_0187KIM_0207 KIM_0220KIM_0242 KIM_0264KIM_0278 KIM_0296KIM_0309 KIM_0327KIM_0360 KIM_0383KIM_0400 KIM_0412KIM_0432 KIM_0446KIM_0467 KIM_0479KIM_0513 KIM_0494KIM_0530 KIM_0542KIM_0563 KIM_0584KIM_0602 KIM_0619KIM_0640 KIM_0654KIM_0668 KIM_0690KIM_0702 KIM_0718KIM_0794

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