Editors Picks: Top 5 Sporty Sneakers

Sometimes all you need is a great pair of sneakers start your season. That’s right. A soft pair of comfy sneakers can last you not only through the season, but throughout the year. Sneakers can define your whole outfit allowing it to look, weak or strong. So make sure you’re picking the right rubber soles that will keep you active, running and comfortable for any occasion.

This spring most of us are taking on more sport activities to get in shape for summer. Whether you’re going to the gym or playing tennis on the weekends, we’ve selected the top 5 spring sneakers to keep your sport apparel looking stylish as ever.

1. Our predictions are that Reekbok Classics will be coming back in fashion, if you want to start the trend, start now.

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2. In any kind of sport or activity, not only do you want to stand out but you also want your footwear to look as bold as your work ethic.

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3. Easter is around the corner and the Aix Max Light special edition is the trendy sneaker of the season.
Available on Size? from the 22nd of March.

4. If you’re a fan of basketball then these Nike Flight 13 will keep your flying for those goals.
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5. Huarache’s have come back on trend, and this cool calm collected colourway is the one of our
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Words by Johnson Gold

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