PAUSE Editorial: Marco Pierre White Jr


Marco Pierre White Jr

Actor: Jack Keaveney

Photography/Interview: Benjamin Glean
Stylist: Samantha Ria
Director, Video, Editing and Music: Jared Fortune
Grooming: Hugo Gamboa (Using Fudge pro, Cosmetics A La Carte and Amazing Concealer)

Photo Assistant: Pat Mirembe
Stylist Assistant: Rhys Nelson
 BENM4551 copy

So introduce yourself.. 

My name is Marco Pierre White Junior, I’m 20, live in London and LA and I’m a model.

BENM4560Clothing credits: Cape and Joggers – ADYN, Trainers – Oliver Sweeney

Tell us more about your career.. 

I’ve been modelling since I was 16. I do art on the side with a view to opening up a pop up gallery at the end of the year. It’s going to be my work to start with, painting and ink on canvas. Then I plan to introduce other artists.


BENM4633Clothing credits:  Coat – CMMN SWDN , Top and Trousers – Tiger Of Sweden, Trainers – Number 288

Obviously you have a love of art and have lots of tattoos. Tell us a bit more..

It started in Thailand when I was 13. I got my ribs done by monks. I have always had a thing for tattoos and wanted them from a young age. I don’t believe in anyone drawing something and putting it on your skin. I have always drawn my own tattoos. Unless I have gone to a famous artist that has a unique style and let him put his art on my body. Apart from my ribs and ones on my shoulder by a famous artiste called Fundz.

BENM4829 Clothing credits: Jacket – ADYN

In terms of fashion and personal style, who do you like?

Billy Huxley, I’ve always liked his work, along with his artwork and beard.  Also Wiz Khalifa’s tattoos are an inspiration.  I want the whole of my body done eventually.

I love Alexander McQueen and a bit of Hermes. As well as some more boutique brands that aren’t as well known.

BENM5084Clothing credits: Gilet – ASOS , Jeans – Natural Selection

Which lesser known brands do you favour?

One by One store in Soho have some really cool brands that people don’t know about. I like the work of Katie Eary as well.


BENM5187Clothing credits: Top – ASOS, Trousers – Reiss, Trainers – Oliver Sweeney

You are well travelled. Do you have a favourite place?

London is ten cities rolled into one but ‘home is where the heart’ is in LA.  It’s my home.


BENM4717Clothing credits: Shirt – Tiger Of Sweden, Rings – Topman

Do you have a favourite place in each city?

Has to be Mayfair for London.

LA; one of my top places is The Blind Dragon. It’s owned by Wade. You go through a dodgy car park and feel like you are going to get robbed. Once you are in the club, you walk through a freezer kitchen, grimy but you come into this amazing karaoke bar. It’s a hot spot at the moment in LA.

NYC; The Russian tea room.

BENM5252 Clothing credits: Top – ASOS, Trousers – Reiss

What are your goals for 2016?

I want to get my head down at the moment and do a brand. My brand name is going to be called Whites By Marco Pierre White Junior.  Jeans and t-shirts to start with coming out hopefully December.

BENM4661 copy


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