Levi’s: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


In light of the iconic 501’s hitting the big 1-4-0, Levi’s have created a video that takes us on a whistle-stop tour of events – showcasing just how they have ‘become woven into the world’s cultural landscape’. From workwear in workshops to vintage stalls and cutting some serious fashion cred, if one thing’s clear it’s just how much these jeans have seen – those trendsetting miners didn’t know they were onto something.

If that wasn’t enough, Levi’s have created a new line of non-denim (that’s lightweight twill to you and me) 501’s in a range of colours, including mineral red, chalk blue, ivy green and classic chino. Whatever sartorial statement you’ll be making, be sure to throw a pair of these into the mix.

So we take our hats off to you 501. Anything that has been around that long, surely is great.

Whats your story? Send us some snaps of your 501’s – the best will get featured on the site.

Words by Sunil MaKan

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