Designer Watch: Berthold AW14 Collection

By January 22, 2014Fashion News

An independent label that focuses on premium quality and print, Malmo London is a brand that has been brought over from Sweden and to the streets of London. Premium ethos with street influences is where they pitch themselves, “the in-between”.


Something refreshing to see from the brand is how they are very open with their production processes. Many brands will simply say ‘in-house’ or not delve into how their garments are produced. With Malmo they are proud to say how there garments are made. As their items are in strictly limited quantities, every product is screen printed by hand, meaning that every item is unique and made in Kathmandu, Nepal. As for quality, they only use the finest combed cotton and that is something they promise, “will never, ever change”.

Their A/W collection features the coaches jacket, leopard sweat and kubrick tee, just some of the items we picked out from the collection. The AW13 collection is another development on the growing reputation the London brand are creating for themselves, infusing bold all-over prints and more simplistic text based products that focus more on material, into one very strong collection. PAUSE is always looking to highlight independent brands that deserve recognition and Malmo London is certainly one of them. We cannot wait to see what 2014 has install.


Words: Jordan Bunker
The ex Central Saint Martins student Raimond Berthold graduated with an all-white collection.


By the looks of his latest AW14 he has taken on a different concept and produced a primarily monochrome collection with bursts of hot pink.

Using fabrics such as wool, polished leather and printed neoprene. Berthold has fused his classic oversized silhouettes with sportswear and produced very wearable. but with the pink, daring pieces. The entirety of the chosen colours and prints integrate very well together. Especially the light grey and pink padded elbow patches. Berthold also added details of co-ordinating printed draw strings and multiple zips throughout to tie everything together.

PAUSE loves the black, oversized, neoprene coat with grey printed panelling. It is elegant but still clean and contemporary!




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