Heron Preston Teams Up with NASA and Carhartt WIP for “PUBLIC FIGURE” Drops

By June 28, 2018Fashion News

Providing two starkly different looks.

The artist, creative director, content creator, designer and DJ that is Heron Preston has teamed up with not only NASA but Carhartt WIP as well in order to make sure there is something for everyone amongst his ‘PUBLIC FIGURE’ offerings.

While the creative’s collaborative work with NASA brings retro branding and sci-fi inspired material and detail use to the table, his work with Carhartt WIP seems to focus more on down-to-Earth aesthetics – no pun intended. This often appears in the form of functional textile and garment choices that are then adorned with paint splatters and light distressing as well as a range of orange hues to add some creative flare to the products. This really is in contrast with the visually-focused offerings that come with the NASA selection, with the metallic materials and astronaut-style backpacks springing to mind to make this point clear.

Take a look at both collaboration’s product shots below, if you like what you see then sit tight as Heron Preston’s NASA collaboration is set to drop at stockists on the 27th of July while the Carhartt WIP range is meant to drop some time in December.

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